What screams "I lost the argument"?

With a close relative of mine it goes like this:

1). Denial: "I never said X or Y thing" that started the argument in the first place

2). Deflection: "Well you've done/said some (absolute stretch of a) version of X or Y thing" that is the subject of the argument

3) Straw Manning: makes a mockery of some hyperbolized, easily deconstructable point they assume I believe, which I almost never actually do

4). Rationalization: "Well it's not that big of a deal/It could be way worse"

5). Redirection, Hyperbole, Guilting: "God, why are you even still arguing about this? Fine! I'm just the worst ever, is that what you want me to say?"

No, dumbass, I want you to not always double down and drag me through this stupid ass rigmarole every fucking time I ask you to reconsider something you said in a different light.

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