What screams “I’m trying to look rich but I’m really not”?

I recently went into a very very luxe shop that had a mix of new expensive items and very expensive old antique pieces. The store was very large and had many rooms. Towards the register area I see a bunch of jewelry in glass cases that had more security looking stuff around it. And when I got close it was authentic antique designer costume jewelry. All extremely expensive and moderately rare. (I used to be an accessories editor for a magazine so I learned how to spot real stuff) anyway I go into a room beyond the register and the entire room is faux designer apparel. Chanel, Dior, Gucci, LV - you name it. And I mean blatant knock offs. I looked at the tag of a sweatshirt that had Hermès across it and the name of the company was like “faux couture” and here is the kicker.... that faux sweatshirt was $175.00. That store lost all credibility to me.

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