What secret did your family keep from you until you were an adult?

I'm late but I got one.

In 2009 my cousin died in a supposed car crash.

As my family told the story, my cousin (who was 17 at the time) was out with his friends drinking when another group of kids his age challenged them to a race on one of the old roads the coal miners used. He was not wearing his seatbelt and had his window opened.

Apparently a deer then ran across the road. When they tried to dodge it the car flipped and my cousin was ejected from it, where he was then crushed by said car. My parents told me I wasn't aloud to attend the funeral or viewing because "I just wasn't mature enough to handle this."

I was sad. He was like a brother to me (and introduced me to Pokemon so he was awesome).

Fast forward to 2014, and I'm packing up for college when I find a copy of his obituary in the attic. I decided to look at his picture to reminisce, when I notice something odd. According to his obituary he was not in a car wreck, but a victim of a murder. There wasn't any other details other than that.

So now I'm curious and obviously pissed I've been lied to, but I can't cause a argument with my parents before I go away because I would feel awful. But I knew a family alcoholic who would tell you anything when they were drunk. My Vietnam Vet Grandfather (I learned how to make homemade fireworks this way).

So, I steal some of my Dad's whiskey (which he barely ever touched) and headed to my grandfathers house. You can guess what happened next. He got drunk and spilled the beans.

I asked "Hey Pops (that's what I called him), what actually happened to [cousins name]?" He looked at me and sighed, and began telling me the whole thing.

My cousin was a huge heroin addict apparently. He would always ask for money off of my grandfather so he could fuel his addiction, and my grandfather would always give it to him because he felt bad.

Well I guess one time when my grandfather was out of town my cousin couldn't get money, so he went ahead and stole the drugs. Suffice to say the dealers were pissed. They beat the shit out of him and then left him out in the strip mines. He tried to find his way back to town but died before he could get there.

Nobody knows I know except maybe my grandfather if he remembers telling me. I understand know why my parents didn't tell my at the age. The whole situation is just fucked up and i try not to think about it.

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