What is a secret that you're currently holding that you just HAVE TO let out?

Thanks for asking this question. It's not so much a secret, but its definitely something I've been covering up more and more and trying to forget about but have to work through still.

My thing is I had a 7 year homosexual relationship 7 years ago. My world revolved around this person and to this day I still have love for this person eventhough they were the most toxic for me.

I never had intrest dating anyone of the same sex ever, but I had one best friend and LSD is hell of a drug. Over the years and mostly after I broke up with this person after having them leech off my life for 7 years. Flash forward 4 months after the break up and I'm walking down the alley to get beer like usual and a realization hit like 5 tons of bricks over the head, of just how manipulated and how much of my best qualities got stripped from me.

It's still a work in progress as I'm working on trusting people, helping people and giving a shit about people again. A big switch started to flip off about caring about people (a big part of who I am). I'm also working on staying sober, I'm 6 months so far. And this whole ordeal has given me ptsd and has basically traumatized me with the control, abuse and manipulation to keep it simple.

I've been working on owning my part and choices in all of it and thanks for letting me Express my story that im still working through

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