What shoes do you guys wear when you do urbex?

Tuxedo. All. Damn. Day.

Going to work? Tuxedo. Going to walmart? Tuxedo. Going to the zaxbys on the "good side" of town? Tuxedo.

Going to do some urban exploring? Full body exosuit with assisted actuators, biotactile feedback suite slaved to the users helmet allowing for on the fly switching of armor hardener scripts or nanite repair paste dispersal nodes. While sporting a diamond doped nanocarbon woven frame coupled with Invuln battle plating that can shrug off everything from a 40mm grenade round to the shoulder fired Hellfire Particle lances the Guile are so fond of.

Nigh perfectly effiecient air and water recycler, keeping the user breathing, drinking, pissing, and exploring for as long as they can stand their own smell. Able to operate at temperatures ranging from damn near absolute zero to a leisure stroll across a plasma world for even days at a time, without permanent damage.

Only flaw is that it only comes in two colors: black and a darker black, that the marketing boys dubbed Midnight; I still haven't figured out if that's a joke or not.

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