What should I do?

Well, thanks guys. But looks like the inevitable happened. My wife gave me the new year gift of Divorce. So I'm out of the house that I bought. I'll be paying child support for the next 18 years. and I'm royally fucked.

My wife asked for divorce last week, so my 2015 started with a bang. We have 3 little kids (the youngest one 5 months old) and when she asked for divorce she was so emotionless, plain faced. She has been dropping my girls to spend time with me and even then she is plain and emotion less. In less than two weeks we went from kissing to shaking hands. How is it possible? On the other hand, I am an emotional wreck. My girls ask me why "Dada can't come to home?" The home I bought with my hard earned money and I cannot go in there! How is this fair? Now we will have to sell the house and my girls will have to live in the apartment. My American dream is over just like that! Every time I think of my little girl tears start rolling down my eyes, but how is it possible for a mother to be so ruthless?

I have been hearing back story through other sources. My SD totally worked up the situation, I know that for sure and then my mother in law kept a book of my actions . There were only things that supported "why you should divorce him" and not "why you should not divorce him". I make a good living, enough for all of us, but now it is all useless. My american dream, where I came to this country with two bags and $100 in pocket. Built a career, bought a house, got permanent residency, married the woman of my dreams, had three gorgeous girls and then a divorce in the span of 6 years. I started from extended stay america when I came here with those two bags and here I am back to the same Extended stay america, with my two bags and writing this post! My American dream is over! I'm a very optimistic person, I have a never give up attitude and for the first time in my life, I thought about taking my life. I have not been this broken apart even when my parents died when I was 14. Now that I'm a parent and my girls want to see me, I have to take permission from their mother? This is not fare. This is not a fare system.

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