What should be the 8th deadly sin?

Dissociation / Looking away - I'm not fond of ideas and people who aim to achieve happiness in their own little bubbles or live to focus on themselves.

That can mean either never getting off videogames, working hard and become a millionaire to just live out your own dream in Hawaii while ignoring suffering.

Live between those who suffer, don't look away and make the harder choice to change.

Go to a place where people starve. To the place where people thirst. To the place where there are those who are suffocating. Th the Place where the drug addicts are. The place where the ill people are. The place where the people are punished by the government. The place where people burn.

That's where you should go and live. You can go anywhere in this world.
But don't look away.

If you need to look past a homeless man to keep your smile, because you lack the compassion to smile for him and are shocked by his appearance until you made it home into your safe tiny world - that's not your heaven, that's your own private hell.

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