What Should I Buy? - December 17, 2018

Between the Takt/Tone, I'd go with the Takt mostly so you have a quick way to capture those sick DFAM sounds and warp them further - though you've already got that depending on how you've set up your mixer/software/etc. Also sampling gives you way more expansive choices of sounds (including any fleeting idea off YouTube via your phone, or your friend's uncle's old LP player, or something from the portable recorder you always carry around with you). For ambient/beaty/IDM stuff there's nary a better travel companion out there, and when you get home, you can precisely sequence the shit out of your synths with your arrangement.

As far as semi-modulars, I can't recommend the 0-coast highly enough and I feel like the Moogther combo prepares you for the analog FM, patchy, not subtractive mindset. That said, the Erebus 3 is by far the best semimodular at that pricepoint. Dreadbox oscillators and filters feel profound, the patch bat is superb, and the Greek economy could really use your support for a small manufacturer :( If you're willing to spend Grandmother prices on modular-adjacent gear, I'd start looking at other stuff like Twisted Electrons Crazy8 sequencer or Koma Field Kit FX. Depending on what you've got already and what you're after, you can get a lot of function well under budget.

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