What should i go for now? (Sniper tips)

Since I can see that you have money problems I will only list the cheapest equips and cards

Weapon: X-Bow 2 slot and refine to +10 eventually. After getting more money upgrade to Mystery so it will have +8 then slot it after that. That mystery bow you have can be used eventually to slot your +8 Mystery Bow in the future.

Garment: Blueeve Tier III [1] for ASPD + 5% or Cotton Shirt Tier II for +2 Luk

Shoes: Sack teddy Shoes Tier III for +6 agi

Accessory: Brooch Tier IV for 2% aspd

Headgear: If you have tickets saved then I suggest you try to get the Firmament horn. It gives +2 all stat + 5 crit and +8% Crit damage. Currently the best headgear for ADLs

For the Cards as much as possible go for the luck and agi ones because we get tons of dex already:

Weapon: Ideally get every size/race/element cards but just get the cards you need for the mobs you will likely farm for a long time

Garment: Ninetail (+2 agi + 5 flee)

Accessory: You can either get the kobold card for +10 crit or go for the Geatest General for +10% final damage.

Shoes: Male thief bug (+3% aspd)
Headgear: Cramp (+3 luk + 5 flee)

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