What should girls do in a situation where the guy is a "loner"?

I downvoted this for several reasons:

1) You’re a terrible human being; and quite frankly, there’s a lot of women with your toxic mindset (no wonder women complain why they rather be with the extroverted jerk even though they physically/verbally abuse them).

2) Just because he has no (or little) real friends in real life does not make him boring.

He is an introverted person, and if you, an extrovert (I assume), were dumb enough to have a relationship in the first place that says a lot about your judgement value.

3) I’d rather have zero friends than comprise who I am - your BF may or less have the same mind set. No change occurs by force. Ditch him? The fuck is wrong with you?

We’re a drug/alcohol culture. Is he straight edge? Going out typically requires people to do both of those things, or else they’re deemed “boring”, or a “loner”.

Good on him for not being average.

I hope he ditches you before you ditch him, moron.

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