What should my diet tracking website do better?

Thanks for the feedback~

It's becoming clear there aren't just different elements of nutrition people track, but different ways nutrients can be thought of. Do you have a list I can refer to for how I might break down fruits / vegetables?

A total for each meal/day would be useful and could help people see what they're getting throughout the day.

A new widget that looks like this perhaps (of course with meals & nutrients from the user's settings)?

Today's Meal Nutrients

1:30 3:30 5:30
Calories 325 297 350
Protein 30 20 27

Or if you could add something within that widget that gave a breakdown of the percent of calories from fat/protein/carbs that could help people who want to track their overall macros.

I can't think of other nutrients that are combined like carb/fat/protein go to calories, though this feels like a common and important enough 'edge case' to address. Maybe I could add some special auto-calculated "meta-nutrients".

  1. "Calories from fat", "Calories from carb", and "Calories from protein". They can be auto calculated based on the macros put in. I'll possibly want some more settings here as sometimes people track "net carbs", and I in particular like to think of fiber as giving ~1.5 calories/gram.
  2. "% of calories from fat", "$ of..." , ... calculated from the above and the current food / serving.

Then the existing "widget" (the things on the right hand side) could do this with the correct user settings:

Today Last 30 minutes
% calories from fat 40% 20%
% calories from carbs 30% 40%
% calories from protein 30% 40%
Calories from fat 400 20
Calories from carbs 300 40
Calories from protein 300 40
Calories total 1000 100

And other widgets could re-use these meta-nutrients moving forward.

In the end I think we'll end up with lots of "widgets" and people will use those that work best for them. I welcome ideas for more :)

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