WHAT ShOuld I Do? What’re your Opinions..?

I may sound young , but I’m actually copying and pasting my notes I rant to myself usually When I’m frustrated in the car I speak to myself through my phone to be quite honest I just don’t speak to anyone at all, I had to mumbo jumbo... to sum up my problems. I honestly have no patients... or care to speak properly... But to be quite honest I wouldn’t be dating a 35-year-old if I was young I know my age is young but I’m actually a very smart woman and I pull my own weight for someone my age I’ve been on my own and have kept my things and well put together and that’s something that everyone at my job see. I have an outstanding career for someone as young as I am.

But I am young at heart my love is young so I believe the age gap does make it quite difficult but only in conversations just because her years are different or hobbies are different interests are different but adventures are very similar we actually enjoy each other’s company very much so it’s what keeps a relationship together from falling apart and for a relationship that doesn’t have much intercourse . It’s a very well put strong relationship that I can’t seem to let go because I am stubborn and naïve all at the same time I want when I cannot have

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