What show completely shattered your suspension of disbelief?

It doesn't matter how powerful she is, it's still common sense that my way is less taxing than yours. I'm not saying she couldn't handle it, in fact I didn't bring up efficiency int he first place - you did. Now that I showed you that my idea is more efficient, you turn around and say that we can't possibly know anyway?

So now the NervGear knows what the brain is feeling? You were just adamantly saying the NervGear only intercepts outgoing signals. The feeling of hunger never gets sent out of the brain. Hunger is generated by their physical bodies. How is hunger appearing in SAO?

The 'feeling' of hunger doesn't leave the brain, but it goes into the brain from an outside source, just like any stimulus (like temperature). Pain, for example, also does this - the NervGear can easily deliver a feeling of hunger or pain to the user, it just has to send some nerve signals through the brain stem. To be clear, this 'feeling' that I have been mentioning is not the same as an emotional feeling, which exists solely in the brain. I'm talking about the literal 'feeling' of stimulus.

I'm having so much fun making you contradict yourself.

If you go back and read everything I wrote, you'd have a lot of fun realizing that you've only ever thought I'd contradicted myself, and then been corrected whenever you bring it up.

Sense of heat/cold is a nerve signal.

That's exactly my fucking point. How do you not understand that? I'm saying that hunger is also a nerve signal, just like sense of heat/cold, and that it's ridiculous for you to start jabbing at whether the NervGear can create hormones - because it doesn't have to create any hormones, just like it doesn't have to actually lower or raise the temperature, it can simply send the appropriate nerve signals to the brain stem. Shit like this is why I wonder if you're just trolling. Repeating what I said proudly like it helps your side of the argument instead of mine.

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