What show completely shattered your suspension of disbelief?

But can be used to identify the emotions. What don't you get? The set of hormones released by emotions is identified by the brain and corresponds to emotions.

You seem to have forgotten, but I'm not arguing that the NervGear can't use emotional responses to identify emotions. You argued that:


And I'm saying that isn't the case. Not once have I said that the NervGear can't use the emotional responses to classify emotions, in fact that's a core part of my fucking theory about Yui. Once AGAIN you are repeating things I have said as if it contradicts my argument instead of supporting it.

The nerve signals corresponding to hunger are going through the NervGear, but the nerve signals corresponding to emotions aren't. Why?

As I've said, the nerve signals for hunger originate outside of the brain, in the same way that nerve signals for feeling cold or hot or painful originate outside of the brain. Emotions exists solely inside the brain, and only responses leave the brain. Do you recognize this:

An emotion doesn't exist in the same way that the sensation of being hot or cold exists. An emotion is a complex combination of different feelings and is more commonly a product of thought than a product of stimulus. It isn't a simple matter of intercepting nerve signals from the love or hate organ on their way to the brain.

You should, because it's the second time I've quoted myself, making it the third time you'd be reading it.

Self-driving cars don't have access to the information beforehand. Yui does. Why would you choose not to use the information?

Only in your theory does Yui have access to the information beforehand. In mine, she does not.

<No. I wouldn't be. Why can't there be a mental health program 02 that also got cancelled? You assume she's the only one of her kind. This is so wrong from just how you interpret Yui gets her inputs. If the developer intentionally makes her watch players and receive inputs from a single player at a time, you think he wouldn't make copies of Yui when he was expecting 10,000 players?

Just so you know, if you are answering 'No' to that question, it means you would be more surprised to know that she wasn't unique. In other words, you're agreeing with me. I guess you meant to say 'Yes' there. I don't expect there to be a program number 02 because Yui is a prototype that was cancelled. It's like a tv show that got shelved before the pilot episode was even aired. Do you expect a second episode to exist? No. It's possible, but you wouldn't expect it. Again, she's just a prototype. There's no point creating 10,000 copies of a prototype. You're also forgetting that the developer shelved her on purpose. She wasn't a part of his final plan - he didn't want a mental health AI to alter the results of his artificial world. In other words, she was never going to be developed fully.

Why did she break down? You seem to think errors just accumulated because emotions made her reach some critical point. Why didn't it happen earlier? Why did it happen 2 years after the launch of the game. You're just treating the cause as a giant coincidence with her breaking down.

I'd say that she finally broke down because she was noticed by the players. She had accumulated enough errors to make a mistake that led her to unintentionally disobey Cardinal's order, and as a result literally broke. I do not think at all that "errors accumulated because emotions made her reach some critical point". Errors accumulated because contradicting orders made her reach a critical point.

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