What show completely shattered your suspension of disbelief?

No. I'm arguing emotions are inputs. I know you accepted emotional responses as inputs.

You need to re-read what you're own comments, too. You kept saying I was wrong for thinking that the NervGEar wouldn't be able to intercept the nerve signals for emotions, bringing up emotional responses as evidence. I said that emotional responses aren't emotions, you said "but they can be used to identify the emotions", which doesn't add to the discussion at that point, and I replied that I knew that already. If you knew that I accepted emotional responses as inputs then why would you reply "but they can be used to identify the emotions" when I say they aren't actually emotions.

AND I SAID THEY DON'T. HORMONES MAN. READ. Emotions create hormones and those hormones can come back to the brain and be used to feel emotions, much like how hunger is felt with hormones produced by your digestive system. You seem to be ok with hunger being transmitted through the NervGear, but aren't okay with emotions. I'm asking you why.

Those hormones are emotional responses, WHICH ARE NOT EMOTIONS. It isn't a case of hormones causing nerve signals for love or hatred in the same way that they cause nerve signal for the sensation of hunger. This is exactly what I meant when I said that:

An emotion doesn't exist in the same way that the sensation of being hot or cold exists. An emotion is a complex combination of different feelings and is more commonly a product of thought than a product of stimulus. It isn't a simple matter of intercepting nerve signals from the love or hate organ on their way to the brain.

Jesus Christ that's the fourth time you'd be reading that.

What? You just said a subroutine of a program can't have access to the program's inputs. She conjured up excalibur for fun. She has access to the system.

In my theory the system doesn't have the information beforehand either, Yui is processing her observations in real-time, as the system receives inputs and processes outputs.

The fact he thought she would mess up his artificial world means she had every capability she needed to actually help the players. This is such a tangent though.

It is a tangent, but she did delete a super high-level boss. It'd be like why he cut off access to the game masters.

Again, you're treating her noticing love as a complete coincidence. She broke down because she was noticed by players makes no sense. You're saying quite literally, Kirito and Asuna seeing her caused more errors to break her completely.

I realize that the reason she was in the forest is because she met them, but I don't acknowledge that love caused her break down. Otherwise, that's exactly what I'm saying. Yes, she wanted to meet with them, but she wasn't allowed to and was therefore just trying to be close to them without actually interacting with them. She failed. She was told not to interact with them, but she accidentally interacted with them. It's like getting hit by a car running across the street to meet your girlfriend. Yeah, you could argue that love caused the accident, but you wouldn't say that power of love can literally put people in hospital, you'd tell the doctor that you got hit by a car.

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