What simple thing did you learn at an embarrassingly late age?

Jesus as a package deal by himself?

Yeah, I get it. I'd chill and drink wine with the dude.

But the rest of the weird dogma shit that people shove on top of his message?

Nah. I'm good. I'd rather just go drink wine with the hippie instead of worshiping human sacrifice and justifying hate.

And before anyone starts the whole "but he was god and man and had to die for our sins and..." STOP

There are statues of a dude that told everyone to cut their bullshit being murdered for some bizarre esoteric ritual all over their temples. The Christians love it...the death, the suffering, the sacrifice...some denominations even pretend to eat and drink the corpse...and my morals will come under scrutiny by the Christians because I don't bow to such selfish and deranged ideas about murder?

Stupid death cults.

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