What do you think of this situation? She continues to give me A LOT of signs of INTEREST

Thanks to both of you for your replies.

She is on vacation at the moment and I noticed she has checked my messaging profile more than 4 times in the past 24 hours (good sign). I made a mistake of over-thinking it all and I think that will hurt things if I don't stop. I really like this girl and I'm sure we have all had this dilemma before. A problem is that I have always thought about how soon will things lead to sex and if they don't, then it's not going well. But given that I haven't really been in a solid relationship for quite some time, I am overestimating the importance. Sometimes going slow will help strengthen the relationship (as people have told me), which in this case I think is worth it. Given how much she cares about me, I think she is over-thinking it as well because she doesn't want to lose me. She wakes up to my voice on a daily basis and likes to talk to me before falling asleep. It seems like she is attached emotionally, she has opened up about her work, family, etc to me (i.e. intimate details).

All I know is that she takes the definition of a serious relationship much deeper, saying that people have to compromise and there are expectations. There is no point for me to have the talk come up again. I already made it clear to her that we can never become just friends so it's either serious, just dating, or it's over (while that may be harsh, it is the truth).

I will just visit her more often and try to get her out more as well. Should I let her know that I want to make her happy, because when she is happy, it brings a smile to her face? Other than "losing" my control/dominance over the balance we have during these two talks of what we want out of all this. I have always been in control, a bit too dominant... I feel like when there is something bothering her about me, even something small... She doesn't want to tell me. I need to let her know that if there is ever something she doesn't like, she needs to feel free to tell me.

I know it sounds cliche, but I really don't have any other expectations from her other than what she already does and I don't think she gets that. Maybe she needs to know that I'm open/flexible with compromises when necessary and that I like her as she is.

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