What situations basically kill a series for you?

Well, I suppose the unsaid criticism there was also that much of Picard was an unfocused aesthetic, narrative, and performative mess that made no attempt to tell a coherent or even original story with the elements it introduced, while Far Beyond the Stars was Avery Brooks' gut-wrenching tour de force that defied the genre and broadcast conventions of the day to pay tribute to the unsung voices of Golden Age Science Fiction and condemn the systematic prejudices that conspired, and yet still conspire, to keep them silent and marginalized. And, again, they had the common decency to cut back to the space station once in a while. Past Tense even had a B-plot back on the Defiant where Kira and O'Brien try to figure out why their teleporter made Starfleet go kaput. And, y'know, that has the benefit of being set like 30 years after it was broadcast. Back then we thought that whole "sanctuary district" stuff was just more high-concept sci-fi rigmarole. It wasn't supposed to be a realistic worst-case scenario, dammit.

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