What skill have you mastered but been unable to monetize?

Shitposting. I can get hundreds or thousands of karma in a relatively short time span by injecting a good sized subreddit with posts I made in five minutes. I’m usually not even seeking out the easy karma; I just whip something up on a whim, vomit it on a subreddit or two where I think it’ll strike a chord with some people, and updongs just slap against my face. It’s not the high effort stuff I make like elaborate comics that makes it—posts that take an hour to make might get about 50 upvotes—it’s the cheap memes.

Since I can’t put that on a resume, I’ve had to settle for doing things that are actually fun like making bizzare memes for small subreddits in between real life activities.

If there’s a job where ludicrous amounts of reddit karma can get you hired automatically, let me know: I certainly can’t find one where huge numbers would be a benefit.

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