What is a small, insignificant, personal mystery that bothers you until today?

When I was 19, and was fresh out of highschool. It was the summer before college and my friends and I were drinking and smoking pretty heavily for the first time.

I was being driven home by my buddy one morning and I yaked out his passenger window. Completely plastered the side of his car. Freaked out that his parents would bust us for drinking, due to the evidence I just painted his car with, he insisted I clean it. So we pulled off the highway to some wooded backroad.

Hungover and out of fucks to give, I took off my purple Hulk t-shirt and wiped down his car the best I could and used a water bottle to do a shoddy job cleaning what was left. I took the puke covered shirt and flung it into the woods. That is what I thought was the end of it.

Fast forward about 5 months.

It's Thanksgiving break and my first time home. I walk up to my room at my parents and sitting on my bed is a pile of folded laundry.

Atop the pile is my purple Hulk shirt. Same one. I have no idea how it got home, If my mom found it somehow? Or was it returned by a mysterious woods dweller?

I'm convinced it's cursed and I keep it in the top shelf of my closet.

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