What is the smallest, pettiest hill you'll still die on?

I will never get a prescription from Walgreens again. They have fucked up multiple prescriptions in various ways.

My final straw was a couple months ago. I'd gotten prescribed a very expensive medication, and had been having a bit of trouble with the prior authorization. In my waiting period for it to go through I tried to use a discount from the drug manufacturer, they said that it would not go through and told me that I didn't have a "real" number while I'm standing there handing them a physical card given to me by my doctor's office direct from the manufacturer. Whatever, I'll try again when my prior auth goes through. Next month comes around and I confirm with both my doctor's office as well as my insurance company: prior auth has gone through, this medication will be covered. Call up Walgreens and tell them to fill it, couple of hours later I'm told it will be full price as my insurance won't cover it. This was the conversation.

Me: Would you mind running it again right now? I'm absolutely positive my insurance will cover it.

Pharmacist (immediately and very curtly): I just ran it, it's not covered.

I got off the phone, transferred it to another pharmacy and picked it up the next day for under $30.

Fuck Walgreens.

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