What is something you always do that others find really unusual?

I hope this gets buried in my archive. I just want to publicly share some information because the rest is illegal, or so I've been told. I only shared it with 1 pervious person before and they thought it was a strange perk of mine.

*Whenever I'm at the passengers side of the car I stare at the drivers inside their cars. They might not know I'm looking their way because I use dark sunglasses to avoid eye contact. It's fun to get a glimpse of the driver, what their doing, and how they appear. I love doing this activity in the freeway because they can't look me while their driving or else they get into a car crash. I've seen women applying makeup, people eating hamburgers, and domestic voilence. I particularly remember the cutest senior couple I've ever seen once when the wife was spoon feeding his husband while he was driving.

I'm from a small town where there was only 1 high school in the area. My house was at the opposite end of town so my commute typically lasted around an hour. I would take a certain route but as I took an interest in someone like the cute chubby guy or the nerdy band girl I would follow their route home. Never took an extra street for them nor did I ever wrongly take a walk where I knew I would arrive late. It was fun knowing where your classmates lived and what type of social class they are based on the assumption of seeing their home. It ended by senior year when I started driving but there was actually benefit in following people *unintentionally. I made friends that noticed "we took" the same path together and invited me to walk with them as company. I eventually had my 1st boyfriend because of this.

*When I went to uni it was actually very hard for me to get adjusted to college life. I noticed that in college you didn't have assigned setting so I took advantage by sitting at a new chair everyday. I called it "Bermuda Triangle" or Bermuda for short. It made me get out of my comfort zone because we as people usually do something habitual, such as sitting in the same area. I eventually sat in every chair possible and made a lot of good connections with people. I still practice bermuda today.

*The last thing I'd like to share is the strange curiosity I had with incarcerated, deceased, and missing people. Every time I knew about someone who went to jail, gone missing, or killed I would find their profiles online and request them on social media. I know that the dead and missing can't typically accept your request but I would do this because I was certain they wouldn't. This backfired. Someone who I thought was lost eventually got rescued by the police. The person accepted my friend request and messaged back to me. Each request I send has a written message about how I felt when I heard about them on the news, sympathetic about their ordeals. I also had prisoners accept my requests but immediately removed them once I find out and 1 dead person also accept, the person's wife knew their password.

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