What is something you want to ask the opposite sex, but are too afraid to ask?

I will give you an honest answer.


I think where a lot of that comes from is that guys look at other guys they feel are less worthy getting sex and they think it's like "cosmically unfair". When they express that, especially to a woman they're interested in, it comes across as thinking they're owed sex by a specific woman, and then it gets creepy. Most of the time they think they're more worthy than others but have some kind of major flaw that they are oblivious to.

And it doesn't always just have to do with sex, but a relationship as a whole, and you hear plenty of people of both genders complaining about not finding a relationship. It's just that women might put up with bad dates, etc, but sex is usually the cutoff point. For guys that is less likely to be true,

For the record I am a married man. Just speaking from my own experience and what I've observed.

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