What is something you CANNOT believe people find sexy?

There’s nothing hotter than seeing porn with people that are openly and genuinely enjoying/enthusiastic about it.

This, I believe, is what's caused the explosion in incest porn and it's a genre I do look for because...

(pause for prepare for the vitriolic responses of people who have only read this far)

...for starters I KNOW it is not real. I would not want to see that. However in that sub-genre you are much more likely to find something that feels more organic. Awkwardness, shyness, gentleness and tenderness (and lots of other words that end with 'ness').

Of course there are lots of studios who have missed the point and plump for the 'Hey [step] brother, lets fuck!' angle, which is just the fake looking and sounding porn you describe, and frankly just a tad weird.

Yeah there are intimate and 'real' vids outside of the inc sub. Lots of that in fact, often to be found in the 'suggested videos', which is great too. I just find that the inc sub is an easier place to start.

TBH, I'm not sure why anyone would be into that sub for the actual 'incest', as you'd have to be an idiot to think any of it was real and once you remove the 'reality' of it, it's not incest porn anymore. It's just porn.

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