What is something crazy popular that you have no interest in?

Watching sports I just have no interest in any of them, I'll watch the super bowl as an excuse to get together with people, but outside of that I rarely watch any. Even the select few sports I participate in, I just follow a couple notable athletes on Instagram and that's as far as I go. I can't fathom how some people seem to dedicate their life to it and manage to memorize all the players on all the teams and which years that team won which championship etc. Not hating on them, it's great to be passionate about something, but I just could never.

It really sucks when meeting new people since professional sports is such a common icebreaker and I have almost nothing to contribute to such discussions. I've considered forcing myself to engage at a basic level just so I'm not silent when the topic comes up but many of these sports news websites might as well be speaking a different language to me.

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