What is something you did in your teenage to early adulthood years that you now consider despicable or shameful, and how did you come to terms with it?

I was drugged and raped by a woman my first year of college, which led to me becoming a MRA because of the response I got when trying to seek justice or help for it.

I was ignorant and hateful toward women.

I was the "the pay gap isn't real" and "men get fucked by the courts 100% of the time for no reason" and "feminists in the first world are full of shit and want more rights" in person guy. My standard for what was "real" sexual assault were shameful, unless it was violent rape I always had some "well at least it wasn't" or "she shouldn't have" type comment.

But online I was far worse. I won't even say what I was like because I'm still ashamed.

It lasted maybe a year and after that the "recovery" from that state of mind was swift and total. I consider myself a feminist now, though I won't say that there aren't male only or male majority issues being faced, but I'm far more seeing of the way things are in the world.

I've become a sexual victim advocate in the navy and I'm a staunch and vocal proponent of victims of all level and forms of assault.

But I'm still disgusted by how I was when I was younger

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