What is something a family member did that made you/your family completely cut them off?

I went no-contact with my father a few months ago. It wasn't strictly over a singular incident, but a final straw after an accumulation of incidents.

The man had always been unreasonable. Controlling. Unable to ever be wrong. Worse yet, I was dependent upon him for years. I had a life of my own, but I hid it from him to avoid conflict and not risk being homeless/medication-less/etc.

When I finally became fully independent, a sequence of events made me realize he still considered me at his beck and call. But I wasn't. I have a life of my own. I have a family of my own.

I tried to gently broach the topic with him. How I felt I couldn't be honest with him all these years because of how he acted. Instead of starting an honest discourse, he immediately focused on my "accusation" of how he acted to me, went on his "never wrong" tirade, and insinuated I was a liar.

So I went "fuck it" and went no-contact effective immediately.

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