What is something that you found normal until people started pointing it out?

It's just a ghetto people thing.

It's like my buddy that can't afford insurance, will go pay $150 for a pair of Nikes, has a brand new ass phone, owns a 4k TV, has the latest video game consoles, and buys DVD's and CD's all the time.

Yet he get's evicted and has to move every 6 months. All his friends that are ghetto live the same way.

And here I am making 4k a month, saving 50% of it, wearing no name shoes, driving a 20 year old car, and renting an extra shitty house just to save money.

Short term vs long term.

Stupid people don't see the long game and prefer short term rewards to long term stability. Hence why crime is so much higher in poor areas, they literally are too stupid to do better.

(I too was teased for having cheap shoes in grade school, let that shit off your back like water on a duck bro, I still run into some of the "cool" kids that teased me in school, they work at McDonalds and WalMart now, but they still got the new Nikes on and haven't changed at all. But can they get a mortgage? or a car loan? FK NO...

Losers are everywhere and they generally are too stupid to realize they are losers.

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