What is something a guest did at your home that shocked you?

I was waiting for this question. My wife's father is a famous singer from the country they are from. So he is very close to many famous artists from this particular country. At the end of January an old and really famous Punk Rock band, Haranga, was going to come have a Concert in Washington DC. They wanted to visit were I live in the Midwest, and my in-law asked us if we could host Haranga (the main guy, also the drummer). I go and pick them up in my modest car, and bring them into my modest two bedroom apartment in a really nice suburb. The first thing he starts saying is how shitty and small our apartment is, that It looks like a drug addicts neighborhood!, He is saying all these things in Mongolian. He sees that I have some bottles of liquor, so he asks if he can have some, this is 20 minutes after he arrived. So I pour him some tequila on a small glass and he gets upset because he thinks I am being cheap by pouring him tequila in a shot size glass. So he grabs a bigger glass and pours himself around 10oz of tequila, and downs it at once. He then serves himself a similar glass of good bourbon and same thing. He almost finished half a bottle of Tequila (about 500ml), and he completely finishes the bourbon. He then goes on a tirade about how my daughter is 100% Mongolian, and that I shouldn't be speaking to my daughter in any other language. He says its a disgrace that my wife is married to a non-Mongolian, and he starts hugging and kissing my daughter telling her that he is sorry she has a non-Mongolian father. Also, he gets really upset because I tell my daughter to clean after herself, and tells me that I had no right to "raise" my voice or say anything to my daughter, that I should let her do anything she wants. I then get up to go a napkin to give to my daughter and this man holds my by my wrists and asks me what I was going to do! Apparently he was paranoid I would react to him. He then tells my wife in Mongolian that I am a shitty person and that he is going to beat the shit out of me. I don't understand this but, I ignored it so far. I asked my wife if I should order delivery, and as I sit on the computer this guys grabs and squeezes the back of my neck telling me something in Mongolian. My wife tells me that he was saying he was in the Military that he could easily snap my neck. The guy is in his mid 50s and like 5'4". I show him a picture of me when I was in the US Army and he kind of backs out on all the aggression. He passes out after two hours of being in my house, and when he wakes up he is very apologetic.

Me and my wife had such a memorable visit from this guy that we call him our "family friend". He was very apologetic once he understood how much of an ass he was.

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