What is something that happened to you that you shrugged off, only to realize later that that was a form of sexual harrasment?

In high school I was seeing a guidance counselor who was the school therapist. He was helped me a lot but he also made a lot of things worse. Like, he would constantly compliment me by saying I had a sexy body and beautiful hair, convincing me to break up relationships that didn't need to be broken, infantilizing me by saying I was "little girl who needed to become a woman" and having sex, and pressuring me to have sex. I was a virgin who had not been in a relationship (still am because I got trust issues) so I didn't know any better. Thing is, it was so subtle that it took me a long time to figure out what was wrong. I'm still ina bit of denial as I'm typing this. If my best friend hadn't also been seeing him and if he weren't fired from two schools after I graduated, I probably wouldn't have known. It took me a long time of denial and grief because he really did make me happy but I always knew something was wrong in the back of my head. I still can't trust therapists (I tried group but didn't like it) which is such a shame because I really need one.

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