What was something that happened to you or something you witnessed when you were younger, that you didn't realize was inappropriate or wrong until you were an adult?

We went on a week-long trip with my parents' friends and their coworkers. The coworkers were a young couple, about 35ish, let's call the husband M. I was 16, and I did not want to spend my summer vacation with a bunch of adults that I didn't even know. Seeing pictures and videos on Facebook recently from those trips reminded me of this actually. M was this overly social, confident, not unattractive man, and I was a moody teenager who had my headphones in 24/7. There's legit one video with my dad behind the camera talking to me, and I have headphones in and don't even acknowledge him.

Anyways, the things he did... First of all, he made inapropriate jokes, but for some reason back then they only sounded unfunny to me. Once when he told the joke, her wife actually told him not to say that in front of me, and he said "oh come on, she's almost an adult, you think she doesn't know what that is?". Another time, towards the end of the trip, everyone wanted to go somewhere and I said that I'd stay back. He told me I should participate more, and I told him to just please leave me alone and then he said something like "maybe I should tell your mom to punish you for behaving like this, or do you want me to do it?" Um, excuse me? The fuck does that even mean? I remember just telling him that I don't care, and I just walked away. I didn't think that was inappropriate or anything, but it did make me feel bad and it honestly stuck with me. That was so creepy.

Also, he literally told my mom and that night I got yelled at for being an immature brat and trying hard to push people away. (Perhaps I deserved that, but I did not deserve a stranger saying those things to me. Didn't tell my mom tho...) Another weird thing he did, that I only remembered because I saw the pictures was force me to take pictures. He grabbed my camera out of my hand one day, and basically forced me to pose for him to take pictures. Not any sexual poses, but it was weird. It's weird because I was 16 and he was a grown ass man. I look clearly annoyed in those pictures. Idk, maybe he was trying to be funny.

Man, writing this makes me confused. Maybe he really didn't mean anything bad from them, I just have bad feelings associated with all this cause I was in a bad mood. Maybe I am right, and he was a creep. Anyways, aside from being weirded out by him; nothing happened and it was actually a cool experience even though I spent the whole trip listening to music and staring at my computer and walking around alone to avoid people.

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