What is something that happened while you were a child that had far reaching effect on who you are as an adult?

When I was a kid my mother used to scream every day about everything and anything. She’d come home from work and look for something to scream about. Didn’t matter if she was inside or outside. The neighbors thought we were the nut jobs of the block. To this day I have a lot of anxiety about people being loud outside my house. I’ve had bbq’s where people were talking loud and I could feel the anxiety building. Aside from work Im generally very low key and prefer to go unnoticed all because of that. Oddly at work I’m in charge and front and center and I’m fully in my wheelhouse. I can speak to a room full of people and it doesn’t matter. But outside of work I don’t want you to know I exist. I get anxiety about turning on my lawn mower. Definitely left a mark on me.

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