What is something a high school teacher told you, that you will never forget?

I started reading up on Bitcoin since people were calling it digital gold the finite asset he had described to us as the best finite asset known to man for the last thousand years, so then I read up on it and saw that only 21 million would ever exist, saw that there were double the amount of millionaire in the world with over 300 trillion in assets combined through their corporations and private holdings, did the math and realized that if it ever succeeded then it would one day be worth over 10 million a coin, then I started buying up every amount of it that I could with my part time job as a life guard. 7 years later, I was able to retire and collateralize my Bitcoin for properties that paid off their own loans, releasing my Bitcoin back to me and providing me passive income to live off of, as well as passive income to reinvest into my Bitcoin and crypto savings. Rinse wash repeated that process over the years and now I never have to work again even if by some miracle Bitcoin were to go to 0. I still use it as my savings, and thankfully haven’t had to sell a single satoshi of my original holdings. I do sell my alts all the time though for liquidity. But the finite widely adopted asset I never sell though, especially right now when most people have heard about it but 99% of people don’t understand it. That’s an assets sweet spot, like buying Amazon in 1997. Either way, I never plan to sell this thing, and will keep buying it to hold as my savings until the day I die

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