What is something you love, but can't get anyone else into?

The former not the latter, especially in the course of a discussion. While any given conversion goes as it will, and I do not try to force subjects, over multiple conversations I'd really like to find someone else who sees patterns in a similar way or at least is interested in discussing the idea these apparently different fields might be connected, so there is some degree to which I try to broach those subjects. I generally quickly give up as I see them disconnect on one issue or another.

I was busy earlier so didn't have time to give your first post a proper response. I don't consider people philistines for not seeing things that way, nor do I think them uninterested in philosophy, art, or even both. I find plenty who are interested in any given facet and am happy to discuss those. There are even a number interested in philosophy and art, just not as a connected subject. Even when those are connected, not in the same breath as science. Those are all fine. I enjoy those discussions and those people. All of my friends are just interested in some piece or another and that's cool, I do not consider them any less for it. They are after all my friends. So too with other people, I do not look down on them for being interested in one section but not another, or multiple sections but not together. But that doesn't stop me from wanting to find someone to discuss the connections with.

Finally, as to my top post here again, first, this was actually copypasta from two different discussions I was having. It wasn't as tight as I'd like it to be, but I was limited on time. I don't generally talk about it in this way. Second, this thread was about things we're interested in but are not interesting to the public at large, I was both hoping to explain my position and to potentially find someone interested in similar connections. I can't exactly do either without laying out the larger picture, hence my rather large post just diving into the subject as a whole.

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