What is something you thought was too good to be true that turned out to actually be that good?

My SO. Before we were together he'd been seriously with 4 other women. His first wife (and mother of his kids) cheated on him, his second fiance apparently held a gun to his head in front of his kids (and a few years later was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer (now dead) and ended up cheating on him with an ex-bf), his second wife held a knife to him again in front of his kids then disappeared when he was away for work for a week leaving behind a knife, a fork, a spoon and his birth certificate, and his fourth fiance he ended up leaving for me after 15 years because she was a grumpy witch who made him feel like crap....

When I got together with him we'd been friends for about 18 months and I was already in love with him. He was 30 years older than me and had a terrible history with women and when I entered the relationship I was quite wary because even though I was in love with him and he'd only shown himself to be a beautiful gentle soul to me, I thought there was a potential that maybe he was the abuser or a neglectful spouse and that's why he had such a terrible history with other women.

He was far from it. I've never had someone treat me so well. He honestly worshipped the ground I walked on. He only had eyes from me. Every day he and I would tell each other more than once how happy and lucky we felt to have found one another. He never showed any jealousy ever (this is something I was honestly expecting because of his fucked up relationships). He always showed the utmost respect for all women and for the elderly. He always made sure that my friends and family were looked after when we were with them. He cooked (gourmet meals) almost every night. Even though he worked longer hours than me he shared the housework equally (if not did more than his fair share) and he vacuumed and mopped the floors because he knew it was my most hated chore. We had the same philosophy in terms of buying presents (don't buy presents for special occasions - just buy meaningful presents when you see something to celebrate each day). We had the same philosophy in terms of living life (which was to make the most of each day, work hard, play hard, make a fool of yourself for the benefit of others, try to make at least person (who you don't know) smile a day, do whatever you can to make the life of those around you better, don't be grossed out by bodily functions). Every night we would shower together and he'd let me hog the hot water and he'd wash me and wash and condition my hair and then braid it. When I had my period he'd go and buy packs and packs of neurofen, bananas, camomile tea and as we fell asleep he'd hold his hand over my belly. When I was sick he'd cook chicken and vegetable soup and run a bath for me. When he looked at me I knew I was the only thing in the world that mattered to him. Finding him was like finding home and finally feeling for every moment of every day that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

For the two years that we had together it always felt too good to be true but it was the truest thing I've ever known in my life. And then he died. And now I know that it was too good to be true. Life is cruel.

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