What is something you try hard not to be judgemental about, but find it difficult to be?

Im a psych student too. There was a time I felt it was unreasonable as well.

Thing is, I'm glad I never had to deal with depression or anxiety to understand the predicament many of my clients ( during my internship). Its when 'deal with it' fails to work over and over again is when disorders are diagnosed. (I dont mean to be condescending)

There are many things I'm extremely critical about eg. ROR. But sometimes it does the trick. Also, there has been serious and huge amount of research on it. I believe that if people who are experts in the field that I admire, thought that it was worth their time to do that, there must be something about it that I just don't know yet. Purely because of my lack of experience, which is alright. I think it's smart to not dismiss something too quickly. I hope this helped, if not that's ok too!

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