What is something you’ve done, big or small, that made a difference in someone else life?

It's not along the same theme as the video, but I had a somewhat similar moment like that. I basically stood up to a racist customer who was bothering the busboy at a restaurant I was working at (in the US). I think Thomas (the busboy) was from Honduras, newish at his job and his English was not strong, but this customer took it to the extreme, basically saying something about he shouldn't be in this country or working at this job if he can't speak English. I disagreed, we got a little heated, so I told him to leave, not pay for anything, but to never come back. We went back to work, etc. Years later, I sorta almost forgot about it quite honestly, but over some after-work beers with Thomas, he told me how much that meant to him. It's weird that I sorta forgot about it, but after that convo, it's probably the thing I'm most proud of in my life.

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