What is something you would do if society didn’t find it “cringey”?

Can totally happen without sex, alcohol, or being cringy. Before I moved, I used to crash at my best friend's house at least one night pretty much every weekend. We'd stay up late playing videogames on the couch until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer, then he'd go in his bedroom and the couch would become my bed. No booze (he doesn't drink and I've cut back drastically), definitely no sex (we refer to each other as brother and sister so uh, no,) and no cringeyness. Or if there is, we don't care.

Now we live super close so driving home when it's late isn't really an issue, but we both know that if either one of us wanted to or needed it the other's couch is always open.

Oh, and FWIW I'm married and he has an SO.

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