What is something you're willing to admit only to a community of total strangers on the internet?

I own an adult video store and make good money all while living in the Bible Belt. I love what I do. I run a clean business. Discourage prostitution in my store, keep it clean and drug free(no back packs allowed in the video theater area). I have two clerks and pay them an above average wage. I just ask that they show up and be friendly to customers and not steal from me. If they need a day or two off for any reason outside of normal off days, I work for them and hang out. I actually have a tiny apartment on the second floor so I can crash there after the store closes.

No person in my family or lifelong friends know this about me and I'm cool keeping it my secret and will do so until I die. Will probably sell the business before I'm 62. My family thinks I earn a living with my former pet sitting and dog training business which I did years ago. I also was a professional sound engineer for years before I got into pet training. It was just a weird journey for 30 years to get to my present day situation. These days I just tell people I retired at 50 and piddle around the house and do some small investing(bullshit story). I mostly keep the store running, read, make day trips, walk my dogs and keep up with media technology and I guess I do putter around the house so that part isn't bullshit.

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