What is something you've learned during your keto journey that you wish you knew in the beginning?

Eating at maintenance calories while still sticking to your carb limit immediately before or during your period will make getting through that ravenous feeling so much easier.

If you're someone who finds keto limiting, or feels a lot of guilt when they go a little over their carb limit, my advice would honestly be to relax a bit. A lot of people just starting keto kinda do this thing where they see it as a big part of their identity and put a lot of emphasis on this big change they're making to become a healthier person. Chill with that, I promise it will help. Viewing eating keto as just a thing you do in your daily life and not a major part of you as a person makes you more likely to embrace it as a lifestyle. Also if you aren't hyper-focused on being The Best Ketoer Ever or what "truly counts" as keto, you also won't focus as much on the shit you can't eat.

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