What do you want to steal from your neighbours?

A 13 year old shouldn't have an iPhone unless they they did something to earn it. like bought it themdamnselves or earned it through similar hard labor that my parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents made me do for anything that I wanted whenever it wasn't for Christmas or my birthday. I didn't go without, but I had to prove I was worthy. I feel like I'm coming off like an old man. I'm not, I'm 26... Seriously fuck these kids and doubly fuck their parents.

Parents buying their kid a damn iPhone arbitrarily as it's trendy, cool or whatever doesn't teach them about the real world. It makes them needy, entitled shits. What's their title? It's like these kids rule their parents like King Korea. Your fucking kid is shit. Make them work for it. Parents don't like to do cleaning and yard work because most parents work and want time to themselves and not have to deal with shit their kids should fucking do. Send them to do it. Teach you kids how to change oil and basic maintenance work...

Every generation is gonna get needier and more entitled and everyone bitched about my age group? Well, at least we ain't as fucked as this crop of spoiled little bastards with little value of money or even decency. These fucks are rude, and They got it easy. Parents are pussies who Don't hit em at all. Why must we talk? a slap communicates no and fuck off more than having an open conversation about hurt feelings after they don't shut the fuck up. You don't owe them anything except fulfilling their needs til 18. Everything else is as you determine fit and determining fit that shit deserves an iPhone because it's in, or whatever isn't teaching shit.

Those kids are subservient to you, not the other way around. Grow some fucking balls. Say no. Life is too easy. They got access to everything instantly. Soon, maybe now even, they won't even know what the fuck dial up, compact discs or fucking books are. It's convenient, I realize this, but fuck that shit.

Give them a Motorola Razr flip phone. iPhones are for people who can afford them. You can subject that Razr to the worst of teenage stupidity and it won't need insurance because it don't break. They want games? Tetris might be on it. Texting? The old fashioned way, not your touch screen boards and app. If you think they need a smart phone, there's cheap prepaids. Kids should earn those minutes you pay for though. That house better be spotless and fix the damn TV and maybe repair the garbage disposal. Chores motherfucker. Get to it.

I'm angry and I hate kids. I really hate kids with iPhones and gaming pcs they didn't earn. I also don't beat kids, but I didn't see shit if you do.

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