What the steps after an officer involved shooting?

Don't forget the part where this can totally just be a cop shooting someone restrained. When people talk about bad cops and you good cops come forth to defend "cops" in general you just make "cops" look really fucking bad. Sometimes you guys juts need to chill out and let the murderers in your midst get roasted. Yes i know the difference between murder and protection for Christ sake. Like all i ever hear from officers is that its all a huge misconception and that police are just trying to defend their lives, we are not talking about those incidents for the millionth time we are talking about the "every once in awhile" when a bad-cop just shoots someone out of what an intelligent person can see as crappy training impatience anger stupidity and possibly even misplaced fear. Once again this is only the situation wear a cop is pointing a gun at somebody or has them restrained and then just chooses to open fire while on camera thinking they are not on camera. Then everyone police sympathizers rush to spew a tearfest about the silent forgotten deaths of officers and the struggle of having to defend their life because of armed suspects. I just think the best thing for officers to do when being confronted about brutality is not try to justify it, if you know for a fact that another officer really screwed up and hurt some people out of impatience fear or anger then you simply have to accept that people have a complete right to be wary of the possibility of an impatience anger and fear from you and every officer. All im saying is you have to recognize that if their are bad police officers like this still and things like this are happening and being proven, you as a police officer can never expect people to just see your good deeds as something to think about when a bad cop murders someone, that is a ridiculous thing to ask for in a situation like that. If people didn't think police officers saved lives and protected the public then police officers wouldn't exist, you guys get praise all the time so don't act like you don't, you just want praise from every single person you serve and protect so when you get a dirty look or line from someone who hates cops you feel the need to believe all of society is like that. You just don't get praise from who you want so you act like you have a right to be angry when a bad cop has killed someone and outraged a society. Outraged not because of an over reaction or biased assumption but because multiple people caught the murder on video and know for a fact what happened. Outraged because we are finally at a time where we can record everything and the amount of bad police enforcement we find because of this new found surveillance is just overwhelming to us and to all you well meaning officers. If you are a good person and you are working among bad people you do not need to stand up for them, you do not need associate with them or feel that you are being seen as part of them. Intelligent people know that there are good people out there we don't need you to tell us demeaning things to our intelligence like "well not all cops are bad" that is literally calling the public stupid on top of whatever they are dealing with that gave them an ill opinion in the first place. If you are a good person or not just stop listening to what people say and focus on doing whats right, it doesn't matter how bad it gets , this is one of the worst jobs for someone to get in our present society, nobody is really prepared to deal with any of it and i personally think all comes down to luck what is gona happen to you and how thats gona shape who you become, but you like everyone else believe in choices, so you can make the choice to say sticks and stones to the people that hate instead of get angry at people who have lost loved ones to mistakes of the justice system.

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