This is what Stockholm looks like in Autumn

That’s why I said transport is excellent but averagely priced.

In fairness to Dublin, it’s kind of the same point as Latvia. Used to be the poorest country in the old EEC, got very rich very quickly and experienced rapid population growth. Stockholm’s had at least a million people living in its metro area since the 30s and has a centralized population. Dublin’s population (although it’s difficult to find exact historical figures) has probably tripled or quadrupled since the 1950s, with most of the growth happening since the 1980s. So unlike almost every other capital city in Western Europe, it’s gone from being a small regional city to a much bigger city very quickly and very recently. In other words: it’s building the infrastructure now that most other European cities were building in the 50s and 60s. The tram system, planned metro and the DART are all being built in the same growth phase everyone else built theirs. You have to weigh these things when comparing places.

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