What is a story you have always wanted to tell reddit but have never seen a thread to tell it in?

Right so I was about 18 and my friends and I had just scored an eighth. My one friend and I had smoked maybe 5 times before and my other friend never had, so none of us had a pipe. We eagerly jumped in the car and started making our way to a head shop. On the way there, at a left turn light, a 20 something girl in a red pickup runs a red light and crashes into us, sending our car headfirst into the traffic light pole and hitting it so hard that one of the lights fell off. Car was totaled, we were bruised and disoriented, girl was in hysterics, cops were on their way, and a eighth of weed was sitting in the glove box. Fun times.

Then an angel appeared. I don't know how else to say it. While we were staggering out of the wreck, absently yelling obscenities, a random pedestrian seemed to spring up out of nowhere. She was a nurse in her mid-thirties who apparently was just out for a walk. Never mind the fact that there were no sidewalks around or the fact the wreck took place on what was essentially an overpass. She quickly ran up to us, said not to worry she had seen the whole thing, made sure we werent in any immediate danger (2 of us eventually went to the hospital with concussions), looked up the road at the approaching flashing lights and then said the sweetest words anyone has ever said to me, "Do you boys have anything with you right now that you really don't need to be dealing with?" She smiled when I threw the weed into my backpack and handed it to her and she gave me her address to pick up later. After exchanging info, and giving her statement to the police, we eventually parted ways.

The next day I sheepishly went to her house to pick up my bag, expecting a small lecture. Instead she opened the door with a smile, asked how I was doing, handed my backpack back and sent me on my way. I tried to pay her but she wouldn't take it, just saying that it was the right thing to do. After I left, I opened the bag. Not only was the weed still there, but a bag of cookies as well! I don't know if I''ll ever get the chance, but if I ever see a group of teens in distress, the first thing I'm going to ask is if they have anything they don't need to be dealing with.

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