What stranger will you never forget?

Very long story in advance. Sorry.

Tldr: drunk man trapped in crashed truck, had to get him out

When my wife and I first got married we lived with her mom for a couple of months. She lives out in the boonies that gets a very small amount of traffic, only from the people that live there aside from the occasional scenic driver (very pretty area).

One day on our way home from the store, we thought we saw a car crashed into a ditch by a small bridge cliff, so we turned around to see if we did. Sure enough, a big Ford truck had turned over on its side completely. A man who'd been drinking and driving crashed ran off the road and into the ditch

I was only 21 and had never had to deal with any sort of fight or flight encounter like this and was doing my best to remain calm. The man was insanely drunk and was being aggressive. Given his situation, this didn't bother me. I'd be having a range of emotions too. He did not for the life of him want us to call 911 (we did as soon as this situation was over, we had no cell service for another few miles either way up the road. We lived in the BOONIES boonies.)

He kept asking me if I had a knife or anything to cut his seatbelt loose. I didn't carry a knife with me or have anything in our car to help free him. His truck had a bunch of tools in the back of it so I tried finding anything possible to cut him loose, but couldn't find anything. All of the tools that were in the back had been scattered apart throughout a bunch of brush and briers.

He told me to try and find something to bust his front window out to crawl through and undo his seatbelt. His doors were locked and the way he was positioned made him unable to hit the unlock button. I found one of those square shovels, but it didn't do me any good. I'm pretty hefty, but my strength wasn't doing anything against the window.

The next thing I notice is that he has a dog with him. I'm not sure what kind of dog it was, but it was a BIG dog with lots of fur. More on that later.

After a few minutes he managed to reposition himself and did get the doors unlocked. I walked out the ditch he was in and climbed onto the side of his truck and lifted up the back door. This was an insanely scary encounter for me. Covid was at a peak and I was scared I'd be trapped in there too. Since we'd arrived at the scene, I smelled gasoline from his truck and was scared shitless that it would catch on fire or explode or something at any minute.

The truck was over on its right side, so I lifted up the back door and slowly made my way down into the truck, basically standing on the right side's backseat window. I undid his seatbelt, climbed back onto the truck and helped pull him out.

When he got out, he had blood running down his face and his shirt had blood all over. When I got the man out, he hugged me as tight as he could, kissed me on the neck and then asked me to get his dog out. I got the same shovel I used before and repeatedly hit the window for a good couple of minutes. I eventually got a good enough hole for the dog to crawl out of. I led the I up the little ridge and out of the ditch we were in.

Once I got his dog back to him, he didn't ask for a ride, he didn't ask for anything. It was so strange. I was glad I showed up when I did. This probably comes off as very unprofessional and that's because it is. I had no idea what to do in a situation like this. Where we used to live was way out there and any sort of emergency responders would've taken an extremely long time to get there.

I just hope that wherever that dude is he's learned from that entire fiasco. Truthfully, he's probably in jail still. He didn't want me to call 911 because that would be his 3rd DWI he said. But as I stated above, that was the first thing I did when we got service. The next day when I left for work, the truck was gone. Also, about 5 minutes after leaving the area, 2 cars were coming that way so maybe they stopped and talked to him or helped him if he needed it or something.

I left that scene bleeding from random parts of my body with shards of glass in my hair and all over my shirt. The whole 30 or 40 minutes I was there was anxiety 101. I had a panic attack on the way home and immediately washed the glass out of my hair and the blood off of me.

I'm sorry that this is extremely long. Thank you if you read this far though. This will forever hold a place in my memories.

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