What is the strangest human interaction you've ever had?

So I was in Melbourne at the time, I usually commute very early. My shift starts at 8.00 in the morning but I usually get there just before 7.30 as I get free breakfast at work.

My work isn't too far from my flat, probably a 20 minute walk? But I have the option of getting a free tram which cuts the journey in half. So one day I get on and notice there's this person who seems a bit over-excited he's talking to this other guy near the doors. I walk past and get into the back of the carriage and sit down. He decides to approach me and taps me on the shoulder saying something like "Hey mate how's it going, I remember your bag". And he says other stuff that don't make sense. At this point he is sat right infront of me and I'm weirded the fuck out. I shake my head and smile politely and walk away

I would have thought I made it clear that I wanted to be left alone but he starts saying "Don't you want to sit with me? Why are you walking away?" He says this quite loudly for the whole carriage to hear. I get really irritated and turn around and tell him to fuck off. It's silent for a couple of seconds as I find my seat in the second carriage. He goes into full-blast rage mode screaming at the top of his lungs that he's going to bash my face in, calling me a cunt or whatever. I sit there thinking great I've just pissed off a fucking pycho. I don't know why but I felt extremely calm and that he was just doing it for attention. He started coming towards me and I get up and walk away, I turn to him and say "leave it mate". He says that he's not going to leave it, that I'm "bullying him". He sits down and sulks and looks genuinely upset but I just want him to leave me the fuck alone. I manage to find another seat in the 3rd carriage but he comes up and approaches me again. At this point I decide the best thing to do is apologize. But he still won't fuck off, he turns his attention to a person infront of me talking about bullies and trials off into nonsense again. The driver gets out and says "People are concerned with the noise" and he says "It's ok I'm just being loud, I'm getting off at the next stop!". He's still talking to this guy infront going off-topic about just what happened. He turns to me, doesn't say a word, just looks at me like he's seen a ghost and gently slaps the back of my hand. He gets off at the next stop like nothing happened.

TLDR: Guy with mental illness/under influence of drugs wanted to sit and chat with me, I politely walked away, wouldn’t leave me alone, told him to fuck off then he threatens me.

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