What is the strangest thing that happened to you that you can’t logically explain?

WARNING - I USED BAD WORDS About two years ago my sister had some creepy dreams about a black silhouette walking around her room which would scare her. At first we didn't believe her and just laughed it off, but just in case everytime she went to sleep she would leave her bedside lamp on incase the same dream would occur. And she stopped having the same nightmare, but after a few days of leaving the lamp working she started noticing that in the morning she didn't need to turn if off because someone else did. After telling us that someone is turning off her light we would just joke that she probably turned it off in her sleep or something similar. A few months pass by without any creepy things happening untill I wake up in the middle of the night and I see a big silhouette outside my room walking slowly towards me. I think I wasn't scared, I put my hands in a guard and I was ready to fight that figure. When the figure entered my room I got pumped,and I felt energetic. He got to my reach distance and I threw a light punch with my left hand and my hand went through his body, and I thought "fuk", and the figure suddenly disappeared. Filled with relief I fell down to my bed and checked my phone to see what time it is (it was 4 am) and went back to sleep. I told my family members what happened and we just joked about it.The second time the figure appeared I couldn't feel or move my left side of the body so I tried to throw a punch with my right arm (I didn't wait for the figure to get inside my reach so I just threw a few punches so I can show I can still fight). The third time the figure appeared I was angry that it woke me up in the middle of the night, I got out of my bed angrily and started to walk towards it ready to slam that mother fuker down, but as I was getting closer to him he disappeared and I just went back to sleep filled with anger. We started making jokes about the figure being an imaginary friend that my grandma used to talk to (my grandma used to talk to herself as she would look through the window, later we found out she was just bored so she would pray to pass the time). Summer came and my family moved to a different house and we forgot about the jokes or the creepy silhouettes untill my brother said that he had a dream where he just woke up in the middle of the night and saw a black figure staring at him outside his bedroom window. He told us he got really angry at the figure and yelled "come at me boy". Nothing happened after that so he went back to sleep. I never saw that figure again and Im glad. I had my doubts that it was a dream but I didn't really bother to think about it. And there you go thats my story, thanks for reading it and I wish u have a wonderful day.Btw sry if my english is bad its my second language.

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