What is the strangest thing you've seen someone do on public transport?

Taking a ferry from Piraeus in Athens to one of the Cyclades. It was over 48C if I recall and we had had to RUN to catch the ferry for a mile plus, no water, carrying enormous heavy backpacks. Suffice to say by the time we boarded I was queasy already.

It was a rough sea day. I started to get EPIC motion sickness but puking from it is hard for me, it's mostly just grinding endless nausea.

I had had to claim a spot where I could see the horizon. There was pretty much just one to choose from so I was Not Going to Move.

These dudes next table over, were Greek and looked... mostly normal. Then one dude busted his sandals off. He had a callus he had a grudge against. First he tried picking at it with his fingernails. No joy. He tried for awhile but got frustrated, and went and got a plastic butter knife, and started sawing away busily at his big toe skin with that. Still, butter knives, especially plastic ones, aren't known for their pedicure uses. Still, no joy.

By then his buddy was fully engaged in the war going on between dude and his dirty, callused foot. Inspecting it up close, offering suggestions in Greek.

Then. It happened. The buddy leaned over, lovingly engulfed the callused toe in his mouth and CHEWED OFF THE CALLUS. It took awhile. He then chewed it thoughtfully for a few and casually spat it out on the deck.

I finally puked. Wish I could say I felt better after but... no.

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