What is the strangest thing you've seen that you cannot explain?

My mum's had something like this happen before. When she was younger (I think like around the age of 11 young, I could be wrong) her uncle had cancer and had scarring and stuff from operations and all that, and she said that the day or night that he died she had a dream of him where he was wearing nothing, and I know that sounds weird but she said that she saw no scarring on him and he was completely fine, and then some time after she woke up she found out he passed away.

Another weird one, in like 2008 there was a murder in my town where a guy killed both of his kids and I remember my mum was talking about how she had a really weird dream where her mum or dad (I can't remember which one) came into her room with a knife and started stabbing her and then stabbing her sister iirc, and how she was screaming and all that, and then later on the news came out about him stabbing both of his kids to death

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