What is the stupidest way you almost died?

The stupidest way I almost died was driving on the highway at normal speed while a dying hurricane (probably tropical depression at that point) was coming through the area. Heavy, heavy rain but visibility was still enough to get up to normal speeds. Normal speed on Atlanta highways is 70-80mph of course.

The incident happened as I was taking a two-lane offramp. I was in the left lane of the offramp splitting off of a major highway on to a spur highway. Traffic was still pretty active but free flowing enough that I could be going 70 and felt like I was probably even being safe as I would normally be going 80. Hit a section of highway where the water was flowing over the road just as the offramp started to curve off to the right. My car went into instant hydroplane and the next fraction of a second went really slowly. I spun 180 and into the right lane and then time stopped. I remember staring at another vehicle's headlights coming straight at me and being sure I was about to die. Driving a crappy subcompact from the 90's wouldn't have helped that accident. Then time unpauses and woosh my car spins another 360 degrees and stops on the right shoulder perfectly parallel to the highway and looking against traffic. I sit watching traffic continue to zoom past a few feet to my right. The guardrail was a few feet away on the left but I never touched it.

No one stopped and I just sat there shaking for a bit before I could drive the car back up the shoulder far enough to get past the guardrail and do a U-turn back on to the highway. That incident was nearly ten years ago and has left me a little freaked me out for driving in the rain since.

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